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Literacy, Math, Science, Social Studies, Arts | Grades K-12

Flocabulary is an online collection of standards-aligned hip hop videos, covering over 600 topics in all K-12 subject areas.

  • Students watch videos, play vocabulary games, read and respond to text and create their own rhymes in the Lyric Lab 
  • Web-based program works on any device including Chromebook
  • Each video has a set of teacher resources, including a dashboard to allow for differentiated learning

Flocabulary is free to access via a 60-day free trial. Classroom access is usually $10/month. Sign up to receive a log-in by visiting this page: https://www.flocabulary.com/coronavirus/.

Educators can also participate in weekly live webinars focused on remote learning. The full schedule can be accessed here: https://nearpod.com/blog/resources/#calendarLiveWebinar.

Parents will find resources for at home learning on this page: https://sites.google.com/nearpod.com/coronavirus/parent-resources/flocabulary.